Coverage & Scope:

we provide refund for only our work we are not responsible to provide refund for any third party api or work

Filing a Complaint:

you can fill refund request on MOONWEBTECH LLP and refund in depend on us and client mutual understanding and filing a refund request does not guarantee any refund.

Applicability of the Refund Policy:

Please note that you are only eligible to a refund if you meet following criteria:

  1. Timely Payments – This Refund Policy would be considered void if the agreed upon payments are not cleared or the client has not cleared payments in stipulated time.
  2. Timely Communication – Communication is an inseparable part of business, and we expect our clients to keep in touch with us at every stage of project development. If the client fails to establish a timely communication which results in inappropriate deliverables, MOON WEB TECH LLP may refuse any refunds.
  3. Inputs / Support – There are services that require your inputs/support for successful delivery. For instance, the SEO Experts may need your inputs to make necessary changes on website or may need content from your end. Any delay in such inputs/support may result to poor quality services and MOON WEB TECH LLP bears no responsibilities for any work loss occurred due to delays at your end.

Limitation of Liability:

MOON WEB TECH LLP is only liable to refund for tasks mentioned in the SRS Documents and for projects with timely payments / timely communication / timely inputs. If any of these requirements are not met in time, MOON WEB TECH LLP  is not liable to entertain any refunds we provide refund if any mention work in not complete and we can provide refund in 30 days after this we are not liable to refund.

Three-Step Refund Process:

The refund is processed in three steps, as listed below:

  1. Filing the complaint. Our Business Managers will evaluate your specifications with those mentioned in the SRS Document. If your application is valid and you qualify for a refund as per above mentioned terms, your refund application would be accepted.
  2. Refund Processing. Before the refund is processed, you are required to destroy all files, codes and other belongings delivered to you but are covered under the refund amount. Upon this,MOON WEB TECH LLP asks you to sign a proof of refund.
  3. Transaction. It may take up to 7-10 business days to process the transaction. The refund would be made in same currency that you have made your payments in.

Changes in Refund Policy:

MOON WEB TECH LLP reserves the rights to change this Refund Policy in its sole discretion, without notice to you, at any point of time. We request you to review this Refund Policy periodically. Your continued use of MOON WEB TECH LLP services/website after such changes signifies your acceptance thereof.

Resolution of Disputes:

Any Disputes / Concerns related to this Refund Policy are subject to be processed under the Honorable High Court, Jaipur, India.

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